Avoid the Urge to Settle

Dating can be a frustrating series of days where loneliness and heartbreak occur. Some people wonder why they put in the effort to try to find a partner, and others believe they may never meet that one right person. It is important for lonely singles to avoid the urge to settle for the wrong person. It may seem like a good solution at the time to counteract their isolation, but it can be a mistake that will haunt them for many years to come.

Compatibility is an important component of a good relationship, so two people who are not right for each other should consider severing their relationship. If they have nothing in common, do not have similar goals for the future, and they have no desire to find ways to move in the direction of compromise, then they are likely to find frustration and loneliness even within their partnership. It is a formula for emotional disaster that many desperate singles have faced.

Working with each other to build a satisfying future is what a great relationship brings to the people involved, and settling can negate that goal. Two people together only to stop feeling lonely may have no dreams they share. Their lives could be just as miserable together as they were without anyone to love. The ability to see and act upon that information could be a good first step toward finding the right person, and it can certainly help avoid being with the wrong one.

It is true that there may never be the right person for a relationship, but the sheer number of potential partners should be a factor when considering giving in to loneliness by being with the wrong partner. Getting into a committed relationship should be about making both people happy and satisfied, and it will generally not happen if the relationship is based solely on not being single any longer.