Relationships and Lonely Hearts


Breaking Off a Relationship

When people are dating, their goal is to get to know each other. They want to do this as soon as possible so they can decide if a committed relationship will work. There are some times when they must break off a relationship. This is a painful step, and many hesitate before doing it. There are several reasons why a person might break off a relationship, even for one that has continued for a few months or even years.

Getting to know each other is a process. Even if people are completely honest, their values in life may not be seen as too different until the relationship has progressed. This is one reason for relationships to be broken off. Sometimes they cannot come to terms with the other person's values. Not everyone in a relationship is always honest. It may take months or years before their partner learns they have hidden their true personality. Difficult as it may be, it is then time to break off the relationship.