Getting Ready For a Relationship

Many people are busy looking for their other half, but they seldom realize that their personal happiness needs to come from within. They see the other person as someone who will make their life complete, but they do not always believe they can do that on their own. These are often the people who fall into bad relationships on a regular basis, and they are always searching for someone new to heal their broken heart. They need a few lessons in relationship readiness, and they begin with an examination of self.

Life alone is difficult, but those who have mastered it are ready for a real relationship. They know the other person makes them feel happy, but they have also learned they can do that without the help of someone else. Their emotional independence makes them a prime candidate for a good relationship, so they will have no real dependence upon the other person.

For those still struggling with their own issues, life with another person can be too complex. They might believe the other person will save them, but their dependency can turn that person into yet another harbinger of emotional doom. Their needs will drag the relationship into a downward spiral, and the other person will often do whatever is necessary to escape. If they remain, they might take advantage of the weaknesses in their partner.

Life on an even emotional keel is what keeps relationships intact, so a person looking for a relationship must first find their own balance. Once they make a move to get into a relationship, they must mesh their own good balance with that of their partner. Staying away from any type of dependence is important for both of them, and being able to survive alone will give them the skills to have a good life as a couple.