Learned Compatibility

There are always those people who are desperate enough to be with a partner that they will do whatever is necessary, and there are those who will take full advantage of them. Learned compatibility is often what happens between two people in this situation, but it is not true compatibility. One person is generally happy with the situation, and they come to realize they are in complete control of the other person. It is a relationship that can last for many years, but that does not always mean it is a happy one.

When a person is desperate enough to resort to learning how to be compatible with another, they are giving up their own desires for a relationship. Rather than taking the time to find someone who is compatible with their needs, they are falling in line with someone who does not necessarily care about them at all. The person who sees and takes advantage of this person is someone who is seeking to control them, and it should be a red flag before making a commitment.

Learned compatibility is a normal process for many couples, and it generally takes the form of learning how to live with a spouse’s quirks. For those who are with someone into a particular sport they find boring, it could be as simple as learning to do whatever they choose alone during the sports season. The relationship can survive this type of activity, and it will actually flourish as each person realizes they are willing to make a small sacrifice to keep their spouse happy.

Being with someone who demands a person change in almost all ways to be with them is a hardship, and it should signify the end of the relationship. There is no balance between the two people who are involved, and one of them will eventually become fed up enough to walk away from the other.